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Fillers - FAQ

How Long Will It Last?

Normally 6 months to 1 year, but every patient will experience varying results.

Where Can It Be Used?

Fillers are more commonly used in the lower two thirds of the face.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Approximately 20 minutes, start to finish.

Will There Be Any Swelling Or Bruising?

You do run the risk of slight bruising at the injection site; we recommend that you discontinue the use of non-prescription blood thinners before and after injection.* There may also be some mild swelling that can last 2-7 days. *Consult a physician before altering medications.

How Much Do I Need?

Everyone is different; Dr. Santin will help determine how much product is necessary to achieve your desired results.

Is There A Possibility Of An Adverse Reaction?

There is a less than 1% chance of an adverse reaction. Hyaluronic acid is a substance already found in the human body which greatly reduces the risk of rejection.

Will It Hurt?

Most patients opt for a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort.

Is It Reversible?

Yes. There is an agent that can dissolve hyaluronic acid facial filler products.

How Will I Look When The Product Dissolves?

You can look the same as you did before you had the injections, but some people will begin to regenerate their own collagen as the filler disappears and set a more permanent natural youthful look.