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Latisse® - Making barely-there lashes a thing of the past


  • Results as soon as 8 weeks
  • Longer, fuller eyelashes
  • Easy application

Women have long been striving to turn their short, skimpy lashes into the likes of Cleopatra’s. Mascaras claiming to thicken, lengthen, and add some glamour to lashes are constantly being brought onto the market, but mostly with lack-luster results. Now, women are turning to a ground breaking treatment called Latisse® that is making barely-there lashes a thing of the past.

Latisse® is the first and only FDA approved product to treat inadequate or sparse lashes. This simple treatment is making some women’s lashes so long they’re finding it necessary to trim them down! Latisse® is believed to work by not only extending the length of the growth phase of the eyelash but by increasing the quantity of lashes grown as well, leaving you with longer, thicker and darker lashes.

This eye-opening product is not only safe and effective, but extremely easy to use as well. Before you go to bed, simply place one drop of Latisse® on the applicators provided and apply to the base of the upper lashes (the product will be distributed to the lower lashes while you sleep). Results for many begin to appear as soon as eight weeks and one can expect to see complete results anywhere between twelve to sixteen weeks.

This revolutionary product is already receiving rave reviews and looks to make false lashes and expensive mascaras a mere memory. One unit of Latisse® contains a six to eight week supply.


  • Prepare the Applicator
    • Place one drop of solution on the applicator.
  • Apply to Skin
    • Draw the applicator carefully along the
      skin at the base of the upper eyelashes
      just as you would apply liquid eyeliner.
  • Blot Excess
    • Using a tissue, blot away access solution.

Before Latisse®
After Latisse®